Sweet Mary

This was a high school graduation present for my nephew. Mary Jane loves her boy (and likes to play in the pond), so I wanted him to have a picture of her to take to college with him.

24" x 36". Acrylic.

This Year's Alumni Auction

This year's donation to my college alumni association auction was a painting of the interior of the "new" chapel on campus. It's a beautiful space that seems to defy the heaviness of the solid brick walls. The front wall is pierced by windows so the campus trees are visible beyond the walls. Behind the table is a tapestry woven by a former art professor. I love Carrier Chapel.
"Toward the Light: A View of Carrier Chapel"
9" x 12". Acrylic.

Recent Work

Two of the three pieces that I submitted to the Jackson Watercolor Society's show in the fall of 2016. The balancing stones were sold off the gallery wall. The thistle is now on my dining room wall. 


Wisdom and Light

"We study for light to bless with light."

That's the adage found on one of the stained glass windows in Orr Chapel on the campus of Mississippi University for Women in Columbus, MS. Each year the alumni association holds an auction - The Long Blue Line Auction - to support faculty grants and student scholarships. For the past couple of years I have been honored to be asked to contribute an item to be auctioned.

This year's contribution is based on that window in Orr Chapel. The seated figure is Wisdom - never a bad acquaintance. Wisdom sits on her throne and reminds those who see her of the connection between wisdom and study and light and blessing.

This is the painting - acrylic - that I created based on the window.
The window was designed and created by Lamb Studios in New York City. It serves as a memorial to Annie Coleman Peyton (1852-1898), a founding mother of what is today MS University for Women. The school was chartered in 1884 as Industrial Institute and College.


Gingko Leaves

Not too long ago, ginkgo leaves were falling everywhere... and falling in some very unusual colors! Lynn Miller Design was part of a paint-your-own picture party, an event developed to raise funds for Mississippi University for Women's local alumni chapter scholarship.
I painted two examples to provide a starting place for color and arrangement, but participants created their own designs using custom ginkgo leaf stencils. When I was approached about being part of this event, my only "requirement" was that the design allowed for lots of individuality and not everyone making a line with the same color of paint at the same time. There were as  many different compositions and color schemes as there were painters. And that's the way I like it!
There is a huge ginkgo tree on MUW's campus, and its leaves have a special place in the heart of "W" students. The paintings were all done on 16" x 20" canvases with acrylic paint.


Book Design, Too

Have a book that needs a cover design? Lynn Miller Design can help with that. Here are two books for which Lynn designed the cover (and actually wrote the text of the first and did the drawings for the second). The coloring book is published and available through Memorial Presbyterian Church, St. Augustine, FL. "Strength and Beauty are in God's Sanctuary" is in production and should be available for purchase in May 2015. 


Can't See the Forest..Wait...Yes, You Can!

Who wouldn't want a forest on their office wall? And this forest is complete with a much-loved dachshund! We can paint on your walls, too! Your home, your office, your church. And our brushes travel if you aren't in the central Mississippi area.